2005 Topps Baseball Card Set

2005 Topps Baseball Card Set

Item# 2005ToppsBaseballCardSet

Product Description

2005 Topps Baseball Set

  • Each 2005 Topps Baseball Cards Factory Set sealed set contains 733 cards plus one cello wrapped HOBBY ONLY First-Year Player 5-card pack (Bill McCarthy, John Hudgins, Kyle Nichols, Thomas Pauly, and Keith Ramsey).

    The most collected baseball set in the industry is back! The official home of Barry Bonds and Alex rodriguez, 2005 Topps Baseball Complete Set is the perfect keepsake. 2005 Topps Baseball Complete Set features all the numbered base and subset cards from Topps Baseball Series 1 & 2, including Topps Exclusive Barry Bond. Every box comes with a cello wrapped pack of five First Year Player cards not included in the original base set. Topps 2005 baseball complete Set is a pieces of history that collectors will appreciate for generations.

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