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PokeOrder's English Cards Buylist

PokeOrder's English Cards Buy List and Policies

Thanks for checking out Pokeorder's buylist! If there are items that you want to sell which do not appear on our buylist, please, send an email to and you will receive an offer within 3 business days. We are always buying at PokeOrder, we will be happy to make an offer on any English - cards, packs, decks, tins and etc.. Of course the sealed products must still be sealed meaning not opened.

  • We do not buy any Japanese Products only English Products.

  • There is an example of what information we need to place a order on the bottom of this page.

  • No Played cards will be purchased, Only Mint to Near Mint English cards will be purchased.
  • Please have all cards sorted, alphabetically, according to this list. If not a 25% sorting fee may be applied to your order.

    Condition Guide

  • Mint To Near Mint: A card that has no wear on it from shuffling, which means it does not have white on the back or along the edges.
  • Played - We Do Not Except!: A slightly worn card with no major defects or marks that would make it illegal for tournament play.
  • Damaged - We Do Not Except!: Your pet may have chewed on it, you may have put it through the wash, it may be falling apart from being played. Cards that have any sort of marking from a pen, pencil or marker also are considered damaged, as do cards with any type of water damage. We do not want cards in this shape, so please do not send them!

    !!!PokeOrder Credit / Trade!!!!
  • If you would like to trade your cards for a credit with PokeOrder, We only offer this option for purchases with a value of $100 or more that are paid with a credit which means you are given a online code to enter in's checkout for purchases.
  • Please note that there is a limit of one payment method per transactions, so if you would like to receive some of the final total in check/paypal and some in PokeOrder credit, you will need to send 2 different lists.

  • Email PokeOrder at with the subject of (Seller Approval). To experience more efficient processing (To Receive your payment faster), please include the following information in your email: Card Name, Card Number, Card Set, *(We Only Except Mint or Near Mint) and the price quoted from our buylist. Provide this information for every item you intend to sell as a single. When we approve your list, we will send you a confirmation email with our shipping instructions. Once you receive the approval email, please send your cards to us at: Buying Dept.
    ATTN: Card Buyer
    Game On / 14600 Lakeside Circle Unit 2205 Sterling Heights, MI 48313

  • Pack the cards carefully! We strongly recommend that you insure them in case they get lost in transit. We are not responsible for shipments until we receive them, regardless of value. Additionally, we need the following information so that we can send you payment: full name, phone number, mailing address, and e-mail address. Also, make sure to send us a list of each card, the number you are sending, and price we are paying for it. This includes a grand total. Any orders that do not have this information can be delayed while we try to figure out the necessary information.


  • We have the right to limit the total quantity of cards sent and reserve the right to refuse any cards sent to us. We reserve the right to not buy any of the cards posted on any of our buylists at any time. We do not accept any sales with a value less then $30.00 through the mail. If you have items to sell to us of a lesser value, please stop by our retail store in Clinton Township to sell them to us.

    Game On / 14600 Lakeside Circle Unit 2205 Sterling Heights, MI 48313
    Store Hours:
    Monday 10:00 am 9:00 pm
    Tuesday 10:00 am 9:00 pm
    Wednesday 10:00 am 9:00 pm
    Thursday 10:00 am 9:00 pm
    Friday 10:00 am 9:00 pm
    Saturday 10:00 am 9:00 pm
    Sunday 12:00 am 6:00 pm
    Store Phone Number 1-586-741-5966

    Thank you for choosing,
    Buying Department

    These are the rates that we currently pay for bulk English Pokemon Cards:
    Bulk Online (through mail-in only) Buylist: Mint to Near Mint English Cards Only!
  • If possible please sort the bulk cards by card series, this will speed up the process to get you your money.
    Common's & Uncommon's: 0.025 (100 card * $0.055 = $2.50)
    Any Basic Energy Cards: $0.005 ($.50 per 100 cards)
    Any Reverse Holo Common's & Uncommon's: $0.03
    Any Holo Promo Cards: $0.05
    Any NON-Holo Promo Cards: $0.025 ($2.50 per 100 cards)
    Any NON-Holo Rares: $0.04 ($4.00 per 100 cards)
    Any Holo Rares: $0.15
    Any Reverse Holo Rares: $0.05
    Any NM Ultra Rares: $.75 (Lv. X, Ex, Prime, etc.)
    Any NM Holo Energy: $0.10
    Any Unopened Booster Pack $1.35

    These are the rates that we currently pay for bulk English Yugioh cards:
    Bulk Online (through mail-in only) Buylist: Mint to Near Mint English Cards Only!
  • If possible please sort the bulk cards by card series, this will speed up the process to get you your money.
    Rares: $0.010 ($10.00 per 1000)
    Holos (NO Structure Deck, Hidden Arsenal, Premium Pack, or Exclusive Pack): $0.07
    Holos (Starter Deck, Premium Pack, Hidden Arsenal, and Exclusive Pack): $0.01
    Secret Rares (NO Structure Deck, Hidden Arsenal, Premium Pack, or Exclusive Pack):$0.05
    Secret Rares (Starter Deck, Premium Pack, Hidden Arsenal, and Exclusive Pack): $0.02
    Ultimates: $0.20
    Any Near Mint Ghost Rare - $.75
    Any Unopened Booster Pack $1.00
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    Frequently Asked Questions For PokeOrder's Card Buylist & Policies

    Question: Do you buy japanese products?

    Answer: We do not buy anything japanese only english products.

    Question: How do you grade your products?

  • Each product we purchase is carefully evaluated by a person / owner with over 15 years of experience in grading collectible products. PokeOrder only excepts Mint to Near Mint Cards!!

    Question: Will you buy an item that in not listed on your buylist?

  • Email us at with the subject of (Seller Approval) include the following information in your email: Card Name & Number, Set, Edition and if we are interested in buying the card or cards.

    Question: How long does it take to receive payment?

  • Typically 2 weeks after receiving items, this allows us to confirm there are no issues with the condition of the items. If we would alter the price - we will contact you, and if the offer is approved, payment will be issued (sent) within 5 business days of your acceptance of the offer if selecting PayPal. Checks can take 4 weeks to process. This process can be expedited if you contact our buyer beforehand with a list of the items, confirm a price, sort the cards according to the invoice and include the invoice with your payment information (regardless of type) along with the package.

    Question: Do you always pay the full amount of what I ask for?

  • Yes, that is our goal. However, if we disagree with the grading on an item you sent, or we do not need as many copies of an item you sent, or if your package took longer than a week to arrive after our email confirmation and our buy prices have changed significantly in that time frame, or if an item is incomplete (complete card set that isn't really complete, etc) we will send you an offer indicating why we are offering a different amount.
  • If you do not agree to the updated price, we will ship any items that you no longer want to sell us at the new price (at our expense). Please note that all items must be received within (7) days of our buyer confirmation email - or buyprices are subject to change.

    Question: Who is responsible for shipping costs?

  • You are responsible for paying the shipping costs of the items that you send to us, including any insurance that you put on the package. We are responsible for paying the shipping costs of any items that are being returned to you, including insurance.

    Question: Can I ship you items via COD?

  • You cannot ship to us COD, because we accept all shipments strictly on an approval basis. This means that we examine them before we issue payment and cannot pay for items as soon as they arrive to us.

    Question: Will you buy all the items that I send you?

  • We reserve the right to refuse to buy any items sent to us. If we do not want to make an offer on any or all of the items, we will pay to have them returned to you (at our expense).

    Question: How do I send you the items that I wish to sell?

  • First, e-mail an alphabetical list by set of the cards and or items to Make sure you list the price we are paying from our buylist next to each item, and indicate at the end of your email your preferred payment method. Once we approve your list, please ship the items to us at the following address:

  • Buying Dept.
  • ATTN: Card Buyer
  • 33451 Harper Avenue
  • Clinton Township, MI 48035

    Please include the following:
  • A printout of the e-mail you received back, confirming the deal - with the list of the included items (with your preferred payment method clearly stated - [Check], [Paypal] or [PokeOrder Credit]). Insure the package for the agreed upon amount (this is for your protection). Ship all cards in boxes (packed for safety). Do not ship in 9-pocket sleeves. Please make sure that all items are sorted according to included invoice. Write your full name, address, phone number and e-mail address on the print-out in the box. If you don't have a printer, write out the email you got back on pieces of paper with all the information we asked for. NOTE: We are not responsible for your cards and/or items until we receive them. Please ship all items insured.

    Here is an EXAMPLE of the information that we need:

  • Tom Brady
  • 1234 Main Street
  • Columbus, MI 12345
  • Ph. (555) 555-5555

  • Email:

  • yugioh order of chaos - Dimensional Prison - RYMP-EN084 (1) $8.50
  • pokemon next destinies - Mewtwo EX - 98/99 (1) $45.00
  • Bulk Pokemon Holo Rare (30) $.25 ($7.50)

    I wish to be paid via PokeOrder Credit

    This is an example of the information we need, and is no way indicative of our current buyprices for the products mentioned.