Defenders of the City Recruitment Deck

Defenders of the City Recruitment Deck

Item# DefendersoftheCityRecruitmentDeck

Product Description

The first set is Remnants Of Worlds Past, which brings 1000 years of history to the present in this futuristic world of humans, dragons, monsters, and new, never seen before creatures, which blends the future and outer space with the mythical and the medieval. It has 2 Recruitment Decks, Defenders of the City and Zombie Invasion, and a booster set which bears its name.

The Recruitment Decks are easy to learn, powerful, and well balanced against each other. They are designed to be economical for the player/collector. Combine decks for even more power! These decks are fun to play!


1 60 card deck (59 Common cards and 1 Luster Rare foil card!)

2 Game Mats

2 Game Guides

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