Japanese Pokemon Mystery of the Lakes Box

Japanese Pokemon Mystery of the Lakes Box

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Item: Japanese Edition Pokemon Mystery of the Lakes Expansion Booster Box Set Contents: 20 Packs with 11 Cards per pack Set Highlights: All New Pokemon Characters! New Expansion Series before it hits the US! Condition: Sealed and Brand New!

The NEW second series for the Diamond & Pearl generation of Pokemon is here! The new 'Mystery of the Lakes' set features all your favorite new Pokemon, including a few of the legendarys like Yuxie, Emrit, and Agnome. Discover new prehistoric Pokemon like Rampard and Trideps, and evolve to new limits with higher levels of the creatures you already know. The fourth generation of Pokemon is the place to be with over 100 new species. Dont miss out on the fresh new world of Pokemon, and take part in the ''Mystery of the Lakes''.

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