Pokemon Cards EX Dragon Frontiers 'Power Wave' Theme Deck

Pokemon Cards EX Dragon Frontiers 'Power Wave' Theme Deck

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Product Description

Beyond the horizon lie the Dragon Frontiers

Journey further than any Trainer has ever been when you explore the islands where powerful Dragon Pokemon rule! In EX Dragon Frontiers, you'll find rare Pokemon-ex Delta Species, long-awaited Star Pokemon, and new ways to do battle like you've never seen before. Can you hear that distant roar? The Dragon Frontiers are calling you!

Power Wave
Do the Power Wave! With Lightning and Fighting Pokemon, you'll zap your opponents' Energy and paralyze them with stunning blows. And Feraligatr's Battle Aura Poke-Body ensures that your Pokemon really get into the fight!

  • 60 Pokemon Card Deck (including a specially selected holographic foil card)
  • 1 Metallic Coin
  • 1 Rulebook / Card List
  • 1-Player Playmat
  • Damage Counters

    Deck List
  • Feraligatr
  • Croconaw x2
  • Totodile x4
  • Mantine
  • Cloyster
  • Shellder x4
  • Pupitar x2
  • Larvitar x4
  • Seadra x2
  • Horsea x4
  • Buffer Piece x2
  • TV Reporter x2
  • Professor Elm's Training Method x2
  • Energy Search x2
  • Potion x2
  • Rainbow Energy
  • Fighting Energy x9
  • Lightning Energy x15

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