Pokemon EX Legend Maker Shadowquake Deck

Pokemon EX Legend Maker Shadowquake Deck

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Product Description

Every Legend Has a Beginning...

What secrets does Mew hide that Pokemon trainers have been waiting to learn? In EX Legend Maker, you'll unravel the truth behind the most mysterious Pokemon of all!With powerful ancient Pokemon to find, amazing new Stadiums to master, and a mythic Pokemon that every trainer wants to catch, this is the stuff legends are made of!

Send shivers down your opponents' spines with the Shadowquake theme deck. Use your Psychic and Water Pokemon to have them jumping at shadows, and then use Gengar's Cursed Reaction to seal their fate!

  • 60 Pokemon Card Deck (including a specially selected holographic foil card
  • 1 Metallic Coin
  • 1 Rulebook / Card List
  • 1-Player Playmat
  • Damage Counters

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