Pokemon EX Master Trainer Blaziken Deck

Pokemon EX Master Trainer Blaziken Deck

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Product Description

The Pokemon TCG: EX Master Trainer Decks are just the tools every trainer needs to reach the next level of play. Learn to master the sideboard... to perfect 2-on-2 battle... and to build and play great decks using powerful Pokemon like Blaziken and Gardevoir. Mastering the Pokemon TCG has never been easier... or more fun!

Blaziken Deck
Fire and Water work together like never before when the Blaziken deck takes off. Speed and power will burn up even your fiercest opponents!

  • One 60-Card Theme Deck built around Blaziken
  • Two 10-Card Sideboard Packs
  • A 16-Page Strategy Guide
  • 1-Player Playmat

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