Pokemon EX Master Trainer Gardevoir Deck

Pokemon EX Master Trainer Gardevoir Deck

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Product Description

The Pokemon TCG: EX Master Trainer Decks are just the tools every trainer needs to reach the next level of play. Learn to master the sideboard... to perfect 2-on-2 battle... and to build and play great decks using powerful Pokemon like Blaziken and Gardevoir. Mastering the Pokemon TCG has never been easier... or more fun!

Gardevoir Deck
The Psychic-Fighting combo of the Gardevoir Deck will leave your opponents mentally exhausted by the time they've fallen into your last clever trap.

  • One 60-Card Theme Deck built around Gardevoir
  • Two 10-Card Sideboard Packs
  • A 16-Page Strategy Guide
  • 1-Player Playmat

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