Pokemon EX Trainer Kit 2 Player Starter Set

Pokemon EX Trainer Kit 2 Player Starter Set

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Product Description

Your favorite Pokemon are even better when you can train them for battle yourself! The Pokemon TCG puts you in the middle of all the action, with fun and exciting Pokemon like Plusle and Minun at your side!

The Pokemon TCG:EX Trainer Kit has all the great stuff you need to learn and master the game! With two decks, you can combine both of them to build one powerful deck. You can even use cards from the bonus booster pack to make your deck even better!

This action-packed EX Trainer Kit includes:
  • Two 30-card starter decks (including two specially selected holographic foil cards)
  • 2-player playmat with awesome game tips
  • Damage counters and SPecial Conditions counters
  • Detailed step-by-step rulebook
  • Game coin with cool Energy symbol design
  • BONUS EX Series booster pack

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