YuGiOh Hobby Exclusive Gold Series 2 Booster Pack

YuGiOh Hobby Exclusive Gold Series 2 Booster Pack

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Product Description

YuGiOh Card Game Hobby Exclusive Gold Series 2 Booster Pack
  • The acclaimed Gold Series is back, and the 2009 edition brings some of today’s most powerful cards to the players in the premium and exclusive Gold Rare foil technology. Gold Series 2009 will remain a hobby exclusive and will consist some of the most popular tournament-level card types including the all-powerful Monarchs and Six Samurai. The 50 card set will contain 18 Gold rares including the highly sought after and hard to get "Dark Armed Dragon" and previous SJC prize cards, "Gold Sarcophagus" and "Des Volstgalph".
  • Set Content: - 32 Common Cards - 18 Gold Rare Cards
  • 25 Cards per Pack (includes 3 spectacular Gold Rares)
  • Features: # Popular cards that players can use to upgrade the look of their decks with the exciting gold versions. # Harder to find cards that many players will want to collect like "Dark Armed Dragon" and a previous Championship prize card "Gold Sarcophagus" are included.

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