YuGiOh 05' Tin: Rocket Warrior

YuGiOh 05' Tin: Rocket Warrior

Item# CT2-EN005-TIN
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Product Description

Each 2005 Yu-Gi-Oh tin contains 5 packs of cards and an exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh game card. The tins are a great collectible gift for any Yu-Gi-Oh fan!

  • Rocket Warrior card - CT2-EN005
  • Rocket Warrior tin
  • 1 pack each of: Dark Beginning 1, Dark Revelation 1, Soul of the Duelist, Rise of Destiny, and Flaming Eternity


    This effect is only active during the Battle Phase of your turn. Battle Damage to this card and this card's controller that they take from a battle involving this card becomes 0. After damage calculation, decrease the ATK of the monster that was attacked by this card by 500 points until the end of this turn.

    ATK/1500 DEF/1300

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