YuGiOh Absolute Powerforce Special Edition Deck

YuGiOh Absolute Powerforce Special Edition Deck

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Absolute Powerforce Special Edition makes it easy for Duelists to get their own Super Rare copies of "Dandylion" and "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon." These popular monsters have only been available as magazine subscription promotional cards and have never been offered in for-sale products - until now!

"Dandylion': This Plant monster first appeared in Jaden's Deck on the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX animated series. The power of "Dandylion" creates "Fluff" monsters whenever it goes to the Graveyard - which any Duelist can use to Summon even stronger monsters. "Dandylion" works well in almost any Deck.

"Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon": This massive behemoth is the latest in a long and proud tradition of "Red-Eyes" Dragon monsters, and is the cornerstone of today's Dragon Decks! The power of this Dragon comes from its ability to be Summoned easily, and then Summon other Dragons just as easily.

  • Each Deck Contains 3 Booster Packs
  • 1 Super Rare Varient Card

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