YuGiOh Card Game 2008 Gx Retro Pack

YuGiOh Card Game 2008 Gx Retro Pack

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YuGiOh Card Game 2008 Gx Retro Pack
  • A Blast From The Past! In ancient Egypt there existed a force so powerful, it had to be locked away for millennia. Now all duelists have the chance to unleash this energy by uncovering the elusive powers so difficult to find!
  • Searching for powerful cards from Classic Yu-Gi-Oh! just became much easier! The Retro Pack reintroduces the most popular cards from the first 3 sets of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. Powerful cards from the original series, previously available only as hard to find promos or not available in Europe, also return for even more Classic Yu-Gi-Oh! excitement.


  • Re-introduces the strongest iconic cards from the very beginning of Yu-Gi-Oh!, making it easy for collectors and new players to find previously difficult-to-find cards.
  • Look for the special 3 Monster Fusion card that is compatible with the heavily-sought after "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" classic, bringing a new destructive power to your duel!
  • The Retro Pack also introduces a brand new foil technology that has never been seen before on a Yu-Gi-Oh! card!

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