YuGiOh Retro 2: Pack Booster Pack

YuGiOh Retro 2: Pack Booster Pack

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Product Description

Retro 2 Pack

  • 1st Edition Booster Pack of 9 Cards
  • Bring back the glory days with the Retro Pack! More classic cards found in the Yugioh the Card Game are brought back in their finest forms: Gravekeepers & Warriors make a return! Give your current Decks a Retro-fit with this great set, a total of 100 cards reprinted, which will also be utilizing a new technology that has never been seen before! The 100-card set re-introduces the strongest iconic cards from the very beginning of Yu-Gi-Oh!, making it easy for collectors and new players to find previously difficult-to-find cards. The first Yu-Gi-Oh! European exclusive introduces new cards never released in the European markets!

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