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YuGiOh Junk Warrior Starter Deck

YuGiOh Junk Warrior Starter Deck

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Junk Warrior Deck

  • Fire up your engines with the upcoming 5Ds Starter Deck! This 43-card Deck includes new content and an entirely new card type that is sure to revolutionize the game. Be the first to emulate Yusei, the new hero with the "Junk Warrior" Synchro Monster and collect all his cards. Get ready and get set because the 5Ds Starter Deck is sure to leave all other Duelists in the dust! Features:
  • Duel like the hero of the new Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds TV show! Contains all the hero's cards from the premier episode.
  • Master the secrets of an all-new card type, Synchro Monsters! Synchro Summon powerful monsters like "Junk Warrior", the iconic Duel-winning monster from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds.
  • Collect the first Tuner monsters, to use with powerful Synchro Monsters from the upcoming booster, The Duelist Genesis.
  • Includes 43 cards, with three exciting foil rares
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