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YuGiOh GX Invincible Fortress Structure Deck

YuGiOh GX Invincible Fortress Structure Deck

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Call on the Master of the Guard for the ultimate victory!
Deck List

Monster Cards
Exxod, Master of the Guard
Great Spirit
Giant Rat (x3)
Guardian Sphinx
Gigantes (x2)
Stone Statue of the Aztecs
Golem Sentry
Moai Interceptor Cannons (x2)
Megarock Dragon
Guardian Statue
Medusa Worm
Sand Moth
Spell Cards
Mystical Space Typhoon
Premature Burial
Swords of Revealing Light
Shield & Sword (x2)
Magical Mallet
Hammer Shot
Brain Control
Shifting Shadows

Trap Cards
Ultimate Offering
Magic Drain (x2)
Robbin' Goblin
Ordeal of a Traveler (x2)
Reckless Greed
Compulsory Evacuation Device (x2)
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